BIEST Quadra Collection and Performance


OCT. 19th - from 18.00 OPENING

PERFORMANCE - 20min -> n*1 - 7.30pm + n*2 - 9pm

この度FORUM KYOTO にて、2人のデザイナーと3人のダンサー、1人の音楽家によるこのコラボレーションプロジェクトを企画することができたことを大変嬉しく思っております。


Silvio SchellerとMirko Hinrichsは、2017年にゲーテ・インスティトゥート・ヴィラ鴨川のレジデントとして京都に滞在しました。

FORUM KYOTO is glad to welcome a collaborative project, which associates two designer, two dancers and a musician. Inspired by the modularity and possibilities of evolution of BIEST creations, this exhibition in movement will take new forms while the dancers performs, share, dress, undress and play with them.

While activating the different states of this two-day exhibition, Kyoko Nomura, Yuki Goda and Fumi Takenouchi will bring BIEST’s sculptural fashion alive on the rhythms and field recordings of Masahiko Takeda.








Founded in 2011 by Mirko Hinrichs and Silvio Scheller, “BIEST” can be seen as an art project which inspires new contemplation of “Body and Space” in relation to the dimensionality of fashion, intimacy, and perception. In search for a concept that combines fashion, architecture and design, BIEST fabrics play with a varying dimensionality of forms and ideas for housing and clothing, where body and space are a “performative utterance”.

While being in Kyoto, they are currently creating an object that refers to Japanese processing and refinement techniques, as well as to Japanese ideals such as sustainability and simplicity.

BIEST stayed in Kyoto for three months last year as resident artists at the Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa.

Sponsor: Goethe-Institut


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