Architecture / Dance / Clothing. Born and raised in an environment where gymnastics and mother's dressmaking are familiar, then studied architecture. Based in Kyoto, Tokyo, Yamanashi, I am thinking about materials and the space surrounding the body. In 'architecture', I do esquisse from clothes, cloth, dance thinking. In "clothes", from the idea as a structure to cover the body, "Architecture is also clothing" announced works. In 'dance', I read the context of the field and embody the work by relocating time and space. These are myself building design methods by the body, and write the lines of force of the space lurking in the everyday place around architectural thinking. Produce and present in Japan, the USA, France, Germany. She received her Master's degree from the Graduate School of Architecture of Tokyo University of the Arts.



2015 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科 建築専攻 修了 

2015 SANDWICH インハウスデザイナー

2016 アメリカ滞在制作発表

2017 京都芸術センター主催「SELF FOOD」ダンサー出演

2017 フランス、ドイツ滞在制作

Architect/ Dancer/ Visual Artist.